World Cup 2014

Soccer fans (or football to you non-Americans!) know very well already that Brazil will be hosting the FIFA 2014 World CupTM in 12 selected host cities in June and July of 2014 (please note that Gringo Samba Tours is not affiliated with FIFA World Cup 2014TM, see the disclaimer at the bottom). This exciting event offers the opportunity for everyone from casual to die-hard fans to experience the sights of several different and interesting host cities in Brazil while taking in the whole experience and rooting on the United States team as they build on their recent successes and rise through the rankings to compete against the world in this unforgettable tournament.

Gringo Samba Tours is offering an all-inclusive tour package during this event which will cover everything EXCEPT game tickets and international flights to Brazil (though we can help with international flight recommendations and planning). Gringo Samba Tours will arrange a unique package of lodging, dining, daily sightseeing, and transportation (all flights within Brazil and bus transportation to and from airports, U.S. games, and sightseeing activities) to ensure a fantastic experience outside the stadium as well as inside. This tour package is well suited for fans who have made their own arrangements for match tickets (see below) and who plan to attend the U.S. games while also maximizing their time and experience in the host cities and regions without having to worry about travel logistics, the language barrier, or trying to arrange reliable, English-speaking sightseeing tours during this very busy time.

Because most teams will play on average once every 5 days throughout the tournament, the anticipated travel itinerary will consist of a travel day followed by three sightseeing days in and around each host city prior to Game Day. Pricing for this all-inclusive package is expected to be around $4,900 per person per week for double occupancy. More concrete details regarding the schedule and pricing will follow the official event draw (to determine schedule and cities for each team) on December 6, 2013.

Keeping in the nature of our “insider” business philosophy, Gringo Samba Tours plans to conduct a single travel group of around 40 people to the host cities and three games of the group round of play and also to the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals if the team should advance so far (and here’s hoping it does!). This single group may be one large group of friends and family traveling together or may be comprised of several smaller groups who can enter this experience together and meet some new friends while rooting the U.S. team on to success. If you and your group are interested in being part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience please contact us via the “Request Information” form and we will be happy to answer your questions and update you with more information as the host cities for the U.S. and the detailed travel plans and itineraries are determined. Priority will be given to larger groups, those willing to commit to follow the U.S. through the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals, and earlier contacts. More information will be available in coming months nearing the official draw.

For those looking for an additional dimension while in Brazil, Gringo Samba Tours is also planning to offer a one-week pre-tour of Bonito and the Pantanal wetlands area in Brazil. This tour is planned to take place roughly 12 days prior to the first U.S. match and will be a similar all-inclusive package of lodging, dining, sights, daily guided tours, and transportation (flights within Brazil and bus transportation to and from the airports and sights). This tour will focus on the unique Pantanal wetlands area and abundant native wildlife and natural beauty of this emerging Brazilian region as an interesting complement to the main tour in the host cities. Those interested in adding this pre-tour to their soccer experience may request further details via the “Request Information” form.

Gringo Samba Tours will not sell, procure, or provide U.S. match tickets in any way. It is the responsibility of each client to obtain their own U.S. match tickets. The first sales phase of FIFA World CupTM tickets is now active and will end on October 20, 2013. This phase will use a random selection process to award tickets to those entered by October 20, 2013. An applicant may apply for a team-specific ticket for the U.S. matches, which may involve just the group round or may also include later elimination rounds such as the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals. Games to which the U.S. do not advance will be refunded to the applicant. Gringo Samba tours will support all-inclusive travel packages for the U.S. team host cities and matches through the Quarterfinal round. Please see the official website for more details and to register for tickets. A second sales phase of first-come, first-served tickets commences on November 5, 2013 but given current demand for U.S. match tickets inventory may no longer be available. Applicants unsuccessful in obtaining match tickets through these sales phases may obtain tickets from FIFATM through hospitality packages – see the website for more details.

Longtime U.S. Soccer Supporters Club members may have an additional opportunity to purchase U.S. match tickets in December through an allotment available through U.S. Soccer. World Cup ticket priority is a specific benefit available to club members. Team-specific tickets for U.S. matches in the Group Round and through later elimination rounds will be available, however there may be a random selection based on demand and members with seniority may have the priority for this ticket allotment. See for details.

For any other questions related to the travel packages offered during this event please contact Gringo Samba Tours at any time via the “Request Information” form.

Disclaimer: Gringo Samba Tours is not affiliated with FIFATM or US Soccer in any way. The tours offered by Gringo Samba Tours are not part of any FIFATM products or offerings. Gringo Samba Tours does not sell or offer to procure game tickets for any 2014 World CupTM match or event.